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A Pot of Grace

We are excited to roll out this new community outreach initiative of Infinity Diamond Club. It is our desire to show love, kindness and compassion to our fellow community members during times of sickness, recovery and healing. A Pot of Grace is about meeting the needs of individuals and lending a helping hand and one way we can do that is with food. Food feeds the soul and we will be feeding the spirit with words of encouragement and grace.

What can you do??? Volunteer to be a Grace Chef, Grace Deliverer and/or a Grace Donator!!

How it works: We will be notified that someone is having surgery, sick or shut-in. We will contact the individual to find out their dietary needs and date(s) of delivery.

Then we will contact a Grace Chef and deliver to them a box of ingredients to prepare. Once meal(s) have been prepared. The Grace Chef will notify the assigned Grace Deliverer to pick up and drop off meal(s) to our Grace recipient .

To Volunteer "Click Me" below and email us to be Grace Chef or Deliverer. To Donate click or Cash App $IDCWR1 Thank you for you support of "A Pot of Grace" where Faith, Food and Fellowship meet.

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